About Us

A mental health hub

We aim to provide all the information needed to allow young people to take control of their mental health. There is a lack of funding, support, resources and training for young people which results in us missing the chance for early treatment in mental health. Let It Out was created by Stephanie Allen who has suffered from borderline personality disorder since childhood.

You are not alone

Mental health conditions, symptoms, treatments available, statistics and how to help will show that you are never alone in your struggles. News and testimonies from people with mental health conditions show that with education and communication we can live full and happy lives with or without mental health problems. 

Let It Out & Technology

At Let It Out we are interested in using technology to improve mental health. We have several ongoing projects such as:

1. Let It Out Counselling 

2. Let It Out Statistics

3. Let It Out Service Finder

Currently 57% of people in the world are regular internet users but how many of us are actually aware of all the risks and benefits of using technology? The use of technology is slowly changing how our brains work and how we interact with society. To learn more about this click the button below: