Let It Out Schools


This section is dedicated to our work in Northern Ireland schools. We aim to improve the general mental health of students and increase the number of students are seeking help for mental health problems. 

From September 2019 we are coming to Northern Ireland schools to introduce students to Let It Out.

Issues Affecting Students


Young people today are the first generation to have always had access to technology. Scientists are looking at how this can affect your brain and mental health but we can already see a rise in mental health issues in younger people.

Mental Health

So many young people suffer from mental health problems but are not taught the skills needed to recognise the problem or to try and improve mental health. Learn about your emotions and how to notice if you are suffering from a dip in mental health.

Sex & Relationships

The lack of education in sex & relationships and the increase in young people viewing porn & accessing explicit information is causing a lot of young people to have unhealthy views on sex and are unsure how to maintain a healthy relationship.


Bullying can happen in school, outside school or online. Being bullied can make you feel alone and afraid. Most schools have great anti-bullying campaigns now but bullying can often go unnoticed by others. 

Drugs & Alcohol

While drinking and taking drugs is bad for your health, especially if you are a young person, we know that young people do drink and take drugs. A lack of drug and alcohol education can cause many young people to get seriously ill.


There is a lack of specific support and services for minorities in the UK & Ireland. This means that people from minority backgrounds not only face issues like discrimination, racism and rejection but finding the right help can be difficult.