If you are in a crisis and require urgent support there are a few options for you. Firstly, try to calm your mind so you can make a plan to ensure your safety.  Have a look at the distress tolerance skills below if you are not sure how to try and calm yourself. 

Remember, a mental health emergency is just as important as a physical health emergency. If you are suffering from suicidal thoughts or tendencies and are not sure that you can keep yourself safe then call 999 or visit your local emergency services. 

If you need urgent support but do not want to go to A&E or call 999 then there are a few other options such as:

  1. Contact a local mental health charity such as Lifeline or Samaritans. These charities have 24 hour helplines and the volunteers are trained in helping callers through mental health crisis. Click on the link below to get more information
  2. Contact your local GP and arrange an emergency appointment. Your GP may also have a medical emergency number which you can call. If you are going for an emergency appointment consider making a note of the symptoms you are suffering from. Talking about mental health can be hard so it is easy to forget to mention something.
  3. If you are registered with your local mental health services you can contact your local crisis team.