Self-Help Skills

At Let It Out we believe that everyone should be taught the skills to handle their emotions and difficult times. These 

Self Help Categories



Mindfulness is simply noticing what is happening right now. It is noticing how the body is feeling (smell, touch, taste) and how emotions feel within the body (tense muscles, panic). 

Meditiation & Yoga


Meditation involves focusing the mind to allow users to fall into a state of relaxation.
Yoga is an ancient form of exercise which encourages users to strengthen their mind, body and soul to be  happy.



Have a look at the different types of mental illness, how they affect those suffering, statistics and tips on how to help.

Lifestyle Changes


When someone is suffering from mental illness it can be difficult for them to live a healthy life. However exercise and a good diet are key to healthy mind. Look here for tips on how to eat healthier and get more exercise.